Cover for Critical Illnesses

Every Fifth Falls Seriously Ill

Did you know that every fifth Latvian gets cancer, heart diseases or other serious illnesses already before the age of 65?*. Most will survive but will stop working.  To secure your everyday life and to focus on recovery, you need at least one year’s salary as a lump sum. Mandatum Life’s Critical Illness supplementary insurance supports you with a lump sum payment of up to 100,000 euros at the time an unpleasant condition takes you by surprise.

Critical Illness supplementary insurance helps you while you are focusing on recovery

An insurance amount of up to 100,000 euros is paid out as lum sum payment upon the diagnosis of a critical illness. You can decide for yourself what you do with the money. Critical illnesses include the following:

1. Heart attack (Myocardial Infarction)
2. Coronary artery by-pass surgery
3. Stroke
4. Cancer
5. Kidney failure
6. Major organ transplant
7. Loss of limbs
8. Blindness
9. Third degree burns
10. Surgery to aorta
11. Heart valve replacement or repair
12. Deafness
13. Loss of speech
14. Multiple sclerosis
15. Parkinson’s disease before the age of 60
16. Benign brain tumour
17. Alzheimer’s disease before the age of 60
18. Total and permanent disability

*Source: National Institute of Health Development

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The amount of insurance payment might change if circumstances increasing the risk level appear over the course of risk underwriting.

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