Mandatum Life is a company that provides financial services and employs over 500 specialists in the finance and insurance sector.

Job opportunities at Mandatum Life

Our core areas of activity are wealth management and personal risk insurance. Our services help customers build a richer life: financial independence and security in the face of life’s unpredictability. Our common goal and desire is to be the best at what we do, to the benefit of our customers.

At Mandatum Life, our work is goal-oriented, interesting and full of challenges. Our team consists of inspired professionals who work in a variety of tasks and are keen to develop themselves. The most common jobs at Mandatum Life include customer manager,wealth manager, investment manager, policy administrator. Experts in the fields of IT, financial management, law, actuarial operations and business development, for example, work in our business support functions.

Mandatum Life ensures that all their employees have the chance to be happy and successful.

We see investments into personnel as investing into the success of the company. We believe that better work satisfaction leads to more satisfied clients and therefore more profitable companies and people. Employees’ satisfaction is held in high value as happier employees foster happier clients, which in turn leads to financial success for the company.

Our values


Why Mandatum Life?

International company with strong equity

Mandatum Life is a part of successful Sampo Group with the headquarter located in Helsinki. Our business units are pan-Baltic, which makes the job interesting, gives the opportunity to work with different people with different cultures.

A close-knit collective

We do not just claim to have a close-knit collective. We really do support one another at every step, both in good and bad. We have gone through quite a bit – both highs and lows. However, we always have a strong team behind us and we strive to achieve a common goal. Our employees are extremely loyal and the average length of an employment period at Mandatum Life is 7 years.

We develop professional skills

We base our activities on the 70/20/10 principle. 70% of training is done on the job, 20% through mentoring and 10% at external training events. Everyone can participate in a training course of their choosing (but it should be relevant to their job) once a year. Training needs are determined in cooperation with the unit manager at annual review meetings. Larger training events are organised in a company branch or for all the Baltic branches.

You are important to us

We celebrate your birthday and other important events. For example, you will receive a bonus in the event of a child’s birthday and parents of first-graders can spend the entirety of 1 September with their children. Additionally, we also celebrate graduations and pay seniority bonuses. We provide support in times of hardship that no-one could prepare for.

Joint events

Once a year, we throw a big event for all employees of Mandatum. Other events are organised for each branch separately. We also hold to annual family events.
P.S. In November 2017, nearly 600 Mandatum employees gathered at the Clarion hotel in Helsinki to spend a lovely Personnel Day, which was filled with superb performers, great food and awesome music.

We pay competitive wages

Sales personnel earns sales bonus in addition to their fixed wages. Other employees participate in the annual Merit Pay programme.

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We put a lot of care into selecting our employees. It is very important for us that our employees are competent in their profession and that they add value to our collective with their experiences and personality. We believe that the attitude of a candidate matters a great deal. Attitude is something that cannot be learned; whereas skills and competences can be taught

If we do not have any vacancies that match your expectations, you can send your application via email

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